Judea and Samaria

Judea and Samaria is the Israeli name for the disputed territory in the West Bank between Israel and Jordan.

The parties in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have divided the territory into three zones – A, fully under the administration by the Palestinian Authority, a self-government body representing Palestinians in the West Bank and in the Gaza strip; B, under a mixed Israeli-Palestinian control; and C, under the Israeli control.

Israel and the Palestinian Authority have agreed to reach a permanent status of the territory one day with a possibility of the creation of a Palestinian state. There are currently about 450 000 Israelis and 150 000 Palestinians in the area C.

While the Palestinian Authority territories – areas A and B, and the Gaza Strip  have a duty-free access to the European Union markets, people living in the area C of Judea and Samaria must pay high tariffs to export goods to the European Union.