European Politicians to form first pro-settler Caucus


European politicians this fall plan to form the first ever caucus group at the European Parliament to support West Bank settlements.

“There is a strong bias, a prejudice of the current European elites against Israel in the Israeli Palestinian conflict,” said a member of the European Parliament, Petr Mach of the Czech Republic.

Last week, Petr Mach and Yossi Dagan, the head of the Samaria Regional Council issued a joint video about the formation of the new group, which will include some 10 European parliamentarians who support the West Bank settlements.

Among the issues they plan to tackle, said Mach, is European Union funding for the Palestinian government which is “used directly or indirectly to sponsor terrorists.”

The group will also work to sway the EU to include the settlements in its free trade agreement with Israel, and to halt its support for consumer labeling of products from the settlements.

“I could see in Samaria that Jews and Arabs work there together, and by boycotts, [or] by setting tariffs against Jewish products, the EU actually harms not just Jews but Palestinians as well. I think that this European policy is simply stupid,” Mach said.

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